by Robert Griffiths, published by the Communist Party June 2011.

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This pamphlet was first published in 1985 under the title Was Gramsci a Eurocommunist? — A Reply to Roger Simon, primarily as a contribution to the ideological and political struggle then taking place in the Communist Party. A group of Party members and supporters published it in the name of 'Cardiff Marxist Forum' following a series of talks on Gramsci's ideas and their misuse. This led to the author's suspension and expulsion from the Party by the revisionist leadership, soon afterwards.

More recently, the text of the pamphlet has been used as the basis for political education classes about Antonio Gramsci. Not surprisingly, the worldwide renewal of interest in the ideas of Karl Marx also extends to others in the same political tradition.

The text is unchanged from 1985, except for a few minor technical corrections and recourse to the more authoritative translations featured in Marx & Engels' Collected