ISBN 978-1-908315-08-3, 40 pages illustrated. Between August 7 and 19, a delegation of representatives from eight western European communist parties - including the CP Britain, visited China. The invitation came from the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), then celebrating the 90th anniversary of its foundation.

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This pamphlet reporting back from the delegation serves as an effective follow up to China's Line of March - published in 2006 following the last CP Britain delegation to China - examining the current and future challenges faced by the People's Republic. General Secretary Robert Griffiths and International Secretary John Foster provide a detailed thematic assesment of; the continuing rapid economic and social transformation taking place; the impact of the global capitalist economic crisis on China; its foreign policy and international relations; the attempts to further enhance democratic participation at all levels in China - without compromising the revolutionary principles that established the People's republic in 1949; and map out some of the future challenges, threats and obstacles being thrown up by its rapid economic & social development.